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Remember that in Mexico there are different types and branches of law, that is why we need you to describe precisely the legal situation you are going through.
+Administrative Law: It is the set of rules that regulates the functioning of the State as an administrative power, among the different administrative bodies and their relationship with individuals.
+Constitutional or Political Law: It deals with the analysis of the fundamental laws that define a State.
+Criminal Law: It comprises the rules that regulate the punishable conducts of the inhabitants, those considered criminal, for which the legal rules provide a sanction. The typicity of criminal norms is a characteristic feature, since for a conduct to be susceptible of criminal sanction, it must coincide with the conduct described by the norm, and analogy cannot be applied.
+Procedural Law: It regulates the organization and attributions of the courts of justice and the actions of the different persons involved in judicial proceedings.
+Labor Law: It refers to the relationship between employers and their employees, establishing their reciprocal duties and rights, as well as the protection of the worker.
+Tax Law: This is the set of rules, norms and principles that regulate the legal-tax relationship between the administration and the taxpayer.

Private Law:
+Civil Law: It regulates the relations between individuals, whether natural or legal persons, or the State itself, when it does not do so in the exercise of its power as a public authority. It is the most used among the branches of law, since it includes property, personal, neighborhood, family and inheritance law relations, among others.
+Commercial or Mercantile Law: It is in charge of regulating the activity of merchants and their commercial relations, called acts of commerce.

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