Working with personalized proposals, we direct and monitor every process form, and document from start to completion. 
Your legal ownership with simplicity & security.
Investing in Mexico is easy with an experienced friend by your side.  one who is familiar with the language, requirements, documents, and correct application of Mexican law.

Advantages of residency in Mexico:
Temporary: You may travel to Mexico, present yourself in places authorized for international transit of persons and your purpose is to remain in Mexican territory for a period of more than 180 days and no more than 4 years, you may incorporate companies in Mexico, acquire property and profit through this legal entity. At the same time you have a federal taxpayer registration number, similar to a social security number, open a Mexican bank account, register a vehicle with foreign plates and use it in the country (as long as it is registered together with the temporary residency permit when entering Mexico). Temporary residency also allows for unrestricted travel in and out of the country. After four years with this immigration status, the foreigner may apply almost automatically for permanent residency.

Permanent Residency. This type of residency is recommended by experts, mainly for investors, pensioners and those who wish to reside in Mexico for life or for extended periods of time.
The benefits granted by the permanent residency are, among others, the right to own property in your name, own corporations, majority shares, bank accounts, do business, make profits, work without the need to request a permit from the immigration offices, obtain a CURP, apply for social security and free medical services, as well as unlimited entries and exits from the country. Unlike temporary residency, permanent residency grants rights almost similar to those of Mexican citizens, except for the right to vote. Permanent residency does not require renewals (only for minors), since it is obtained only once and is a step prior to Mexican naturalization (which allows the acquisition of real estate within the “restricted zones” without the need to have a trust; however, it does not allow the ownership of a vehicle with foreign plates).

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