Benefits of having your residence in Mexico

Residence in Mexico

Moving to Mexico is one of the options you have when you want to settle in a country in the Americas. Mexico is ranked as one of the countries where it is easy to obtain residency. Mexico is one of the countries where it is easy to move. Living and working in Mexico is an opportunity that can be taken advantage of as long as residency visas in Mexico remain easy to obtain. Moving to Mexico requires a specific residency visa application that meets the requirements that you can guarantee and demonstrate to the country’s immigration authorities. There are two stages for residency visas in Mexico, the temporary visa stage that everyone will have to access initially, before obtaining the definitive or permanent residency in Mexico. Before asking ourselves how to obtain residency in Mexico, we must ask ourselves what advantages residency in Mexico brings to Italians and, therefore, why obtain residency in Mexico. Mexican citizenship is easy to obtain after residing legally in the country. Living in Mexico as a retiree is a great opportunity. Italians residing in Mexico as retirees benefit from the extremely favorable exchange rate. Living in Mexico with a pension of 1,000 euros is still particularly easy.

There are three types of residency visas in Mexico:

The tourist visa , which allows its holder to stay in Mexico for up to 90 days for purposes that do not include lucrative activity (paid work). Until 2021 it could be extended up to 180 days. The laws have changed in 2022, the tourist visa for all nationalities worldwide is valid for 90 days or the duration of your trip as a tourist sanctioned by the receipt of your return airline ticket. So, if your trip to Mexico lasts 30 days, because you have a return flight after 30 days, your tourist visa will also last 30 days and on the 30th day you must leave the country, under penalty of arrest and deportation with the impossibility to return. for 10 consecutive years. It is always mandatory to arrive in Mexico with a return flight already purchased, as tourists will be asked for proof to legally enter the country. Any person who is a regular and legal resident can enter Mexico without a departure flight.

The temporary residency visa, issued to foreign citizens who wish to live in Mexico for more than 180 days. In addition to a Mexican work permit, the holder may live and work in Mexico legally for up to four years, which is known as a Mexican work visa. Note that there is also a variant, which among other things, is also the most widely used, which is the economic solvency visa, which initially does not allow you to work but to live off your earnings received from foreign sources.

The Visa for Permanent Residence in Mexico, issued to foreigners who wish to settle permanently in Mexico. This type of visa is more common for retirees, which is why it is also called a Mexican retirement visa. Foreigners with close family ties to Mexico and those who have lived in Mexico for a period of 4 years may also apply for permanent residency in Mexico.

Why to apply for residency?

Having a migratory condition of these characteristics provides peace of mind and some benefits. Applying for residency is the best option for those who wish to live in a stable manner for medium, long-term or permanent periods (beyond the 180 days allowed by the immigration tourist visa ).

These are the characteristics of the different residence permits:

Stages: There are three stages, which take you from one to the next, without being able to skip these steps, first the temporary residence which takes you to the permanent one and then the nationality if you prefer.

Stage one: Temporary residency (4 years), It is used to travel to Mexico and remain in Mexican territory for a period greater than 180 days and not more than 4 years.

Benefits: Some of the benefits of temporary residence are obtaining the CURP (Unique Population Registry Code) and the RFC (Federal Taxpayer Registry), these two are similar to the social security number, and therefore, the possibility of opening a bank account in Mexico, set up a company in Mexico where you can be the majority partner, you can legitimately acquire properties, develop them and even profit from them, register a vehicle and use it in the country. Temporary residency also allows you to travel in and out of the country without restrictions.

After four years with this immigration status, the foreigner can almost automatically apply for permanent residence and if the person find it necessary, can apply for Mexican nationality.

In summary, temporary or permanent residents grant you the same rights as a Mexican, except the right to vote, they can purchase any type of asset through the trust or a Mexican corporation, until you already have your nationality you can buy in your name and vote.

Required documentation:
6 bank account statements, address, telephone and email.

Time the process takes:
1 day, business days from Monday to Friday and holidays are not worked.

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