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Mexico is considered to be an attractive destination for private infrastructure investment. Mexico’s government is committed to transform the country into a world class logistics platform by promoting the development of infrastructure, as well as by maintaining the existing one, while encouraging a balanced regional development and a sustainable urban growth.

Today, Mexico offers competitive conditions for the private sector’s participation in infrastructure projects, such as: a) a full commitment to constant public investment; b) a well-defined strategy, supported by long term planning; c) diversified long term public and private funding, in local and foreign currencies; and, d) a solid institutional and legal framework.

Under this favorable environment, it is important that both, investors and developers, domestic and foreign, are well informed of the specific characteristics of the Mexican market, and the requirements that should be met when investing in any sector.

Discover the best secrets to investing in real estate and grow your wealth with real estate.

When financial market conditions have widespread uncertainty, low interest rates reign or there is pronounced volatility, investors begin to look at other ways to grow their money.

Some seek refuge in metals such as gold, while others find in real estate an escape from uncertainty.

Why invest in real estate?
Deciding to invest your resources in real estate such as properties and land can provide you with some of the following benefits:

Security and flexibility. Buying real estate is an action that will protect your finances in case of an economic or personal emergency. In addition, a property is considered as a financial guarantee in case you need a loan, a mortgage or to use it later when you retire.
High return on investment. In the case of a real estate property, the return is calculated according to the conditions under which the purchase was made, the capital gain in the area and the money the property receives at the time of sale, which usually increases significantly over time.
You keep your money working. The capital gain makes investing in real estate an activity that pays off economically and helps you build part of your patrimony.

How to invest in real estate?
Keep in mind that real estate investments are more challenging than others, since they require compliance with some financial, legal and other requirements before, during and after the purchase and sale process.

Many experts consider that investing in real estate is a complement to other investment instruments and is part of the diversification strategy of a portfolio.

Secrets to investing in real estate

  1. Define your budget

The first thing you should do is to determine the amount of money you will allocate to this investment, considering that when we talk about investing in real estate, it is a long-term movement and that it is not as liquid an option as others. If you are wondering “how to invest in real estate with little money” then look for alternatives that require a low down payment; if you don’t have it yet, then put that money together as one of your goals.

  1. Consider a reasonable time horizon

In order to generate capital gains you should let the investment mature for a period of three to five years, therefore, consider this in your evaluation and projection of your investment. You have to be patient for your property to increase in value and be worth selling.

  1. Check with maximum detail so that you have security

When investing in real estate you should consider that the property must be registered in the Public Registry, try to know its tax situation and investigate the process to deed it. Avoid acquiring a property that is intestate.

  1. Research to acquire in pre-sale. This is an attractive option for investment due to the high levels of appreciation that can be generated, since finding a project that is at a very early stage, either in model or in plan, will have a significant increase in value at the end of its construction. The key is to take the time to investigate the developer at Profeco, in order to make sure of their track record and reliability. Look for attractive cities, states, municipalities and municipalities to invest in. The most stable cities offer a greater capital gain for investment, because in addition to gradually becoming a magnet for other investors, they are filled with people who demand services, and with the popularity they gain, there may be good opportunities to buy to rent or sell later. Consider buying to remodel and sell, Another option is to buy older properties to remodel and then sell. Experts point out that up to 30% profit can be obtained.

5. Invest to rent at a higher value.

Renting your real estate property allows you to obtain benefits in a shorter term, but you should not forget that you will probably have to make an initial investment and give maintenance to the property so that it has more value when you rent it, consider reviewing and renewing the paint, electrical connections, windows and faucets.

In order to make good investments in real estate, planning is key, as well as to have your personal finances in order. Of course, remember that there are several alternatives available for investment; choose the one that best fits your budget, investment horizon and preferences.

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Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

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