How much does it cost to furnish an apartment in Mexico?

These Tips May Speed Up Your Home Sale

The average price is $ 86,500.00 Mexican pesos.

From $2,000.00 Mexican pesos, this is the cheapest price to decorate apartment up to $500,000 Mexican pesos, the maximum price quoted by professionals for apartment decoration work.

To know how much it costs to furnish an apartment, the first step is planning. Without this step, it is not possible to make an effective economy. To do this, you must analyze the potential and needs of each room in your new property.

Start by measuring all areas of your new home. Factors such as width, length, spaces between doors and walls, this is essential when choosing your furniture, appliances and decorative items, all this information will be useful. If there is a need for renovations or installations, perform these actions while the property is still empty so as not to damage anything.

To facilitate the process, it is basic to make a checklist with all the elements to analyze, so it is much easier to organize everything to know how much it costs to furnish an apartment!

What is important to furnish an apartment?
When it comes to figuring out what is needed to furnish an apartment, it is advisable to start by buying only the most important equipment. Air conditioning is important, but not essential. With that in mind, we have prepared a list of items that should be a priority when furnishing your apartment.

Furniture: the most important piece of furniture after moving in is the bed (or mattress). It is followed by the dining table or kitchen table with chairs, kitchen furniture and cabinet and a sofa.

Appliances: the refrigerator and stove are essential and should be at the top of the priority list. After them, the washing machine and microwave. Blender, coffee maker, dryer, iron, fan and TV are also necessary, but it is possible to live without them for a while. And, of course, don’t forget the light bulbs!

Objects and utensils: prioritize food! Pots, plates, cutlery and glasses top the list.

Sleeping and bathing are also essential: bedding, pillows, towels and so on must be taken into account!

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